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Fucking Twister still has me hooked but guys…oh my god…guys…


We need to talk about Jonas’ driver for a second. Eddie. He put up with so much shit from both ends its not even funny. Jo’s teams hate him by default and Dusty tries to pretty much rape the poor dude when he’s driving all cause his boss is a douche.


His facial expressions fucking tell it all. He is 100 percent done with Jonas being a dickwad.


He eventually just stops listening to him. I don’t blame him.


In this Cap you can clearly see the amount of “I’m so fucking done right now.” On his face.

Dear Twister Fandom….Here you go.


It was windy.
Windy? That’s intense.


Twister: Bill & Jo

Tension is something that I love in my ships. Most of the time if there isn’t tension in a pairing, it falls flat, and I can’t get on board (because I get bored, ha!). Conflict, whether internal or external, is needed to give a relationship (in media, not really recommending it in real life) more depth. The couple needs to overcome these obstacles; they need to work for their happy ending. And while external obstacles are all well and good and make for exciting stories, I feel like I want to say internal ones are what draw me in the most. I’m not really sure if that’s completely true, but it sounds good and it makes me sound deep and intellectual, so we’ll go with that.

One of the great things about the movie Twister is that the main relationship has instant tension, set up from the very start and carried throughout until the rain scene, which is one of my favorite confession scenes ever, even though it really isn’t one if you think about it, but whatever, long sentence ends now.

The tension is pretty basic, but executed well. Bill and Jo used to be married. Bill wants a divorce so that he can marry his girlfriend, Melissa. Jo doesn’t want to give it to him because she still has feelings for him. He still has feelings for her as well, but left her because she was so focused on work and couldn’t really get passed the death of her father. Jo lures Bill back into her life with the realization of Dorothy, a device Bill designed, and the promise of adventure.

Throughout the movie, the tension between the two is played masterfully by both Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. We don’t need them to tell us how the characters are feeling, we can see it through their expressions and the way the two interact with each other. It’s subtle, but effective. Their issues are worked through, and we’re lead to believe that Jo can finally get passed the death of her father. Hopefully, this time, the two can make it work.

"it’s the EXTREME!"

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Humble Beginnings


I know a lot of people are remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman for his big time roles where he won awards. And it makes sense. He was amazing. But I want to point out that he also had a role that meant the world to me as a kid, where he played a silly guy in an unrealistic 90s movie about tornadoes.

Meet Dusty from Twister:


He was just comic relief for that movie, but I would literally watch it over and over on VHS just to see his character. I’ve seen many of his other movies since, but Dusty will always have a special place in my heart. You’ll be missed. :(

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Philip Seymour Hoffman, July 23rd 1967 - February 2nd 2014

RIP, sir. Thank you for all your work, thank you for all you have given to this world, and thank you for being the perfect Dusty. You will be greatly missed. 

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Storm Chasers Introductions

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